Massive Crocodile Or Unknown Monster? Strange Object Photographed Off British Coast

An object appearing to resemble a massive crocodile has been photographed off the British coast, and while some assert it is indeed a large reptile, still others claim that the Loch Ness monster may have a relative in England.

Allan Jones photographed the strange creature off Plymouth Sound in Devon, where several others reported seeing the “crocodile” as it swam against the current nearly a half mile from shore. Using a telephoto lens, Jones was able to capture several images of the “monster” as it moved deliberately through the water.

“At one point it was near a boat and it looked about the same length – about 20 feet long,” Jones recalled. “I’ve never seen anything like it – the first thing that struck me was that it looked just like a huge crocodile.”

Jones noted that his first photograph was taken at a distance, before he moved close to the sea to get a better look at the monster. After showing his images to a university technician, he was told that he had likely photographed a very large crocodile.

“The creature or object moved in circles, appeared to curve its shape and moved a considerable distance from left to right, turn and then move back the other way. I have circled a piece of floating wood that floated up to and past it. The creature or object then turned and remained stationary. And the sun was right in my eyes – but it was very strange.”

Saltwater crocodiles do exist, and they are capable of reaching lengths of over 20 feet, making them the largest reptile in the world. The crocodiles’ preferred habitat, however, is far from the British coastline, as they are primarily found in northern Australia and southeast Asia.

Last month, a large crocodile was hunted down and killed in Uganda, after it claimed the life of a local woman. Her husband banded together with friends in his village to assault the animal when it returned, and using a metal spear that had been fashioned for him, Mubarek Batambuze was able to best the crocodile.

The largest saltwater crocodile ever held in captivity was named Lolong, and measured 19.5-feet-long. Captured near Bunawan, in the Philippines, the massive crocodile was blamed for the death of a local man and a 12-year-old girl.

Whether the object he captured on film was a large crocodile or a hitherto unknown monster, Jones noted that he would simply like to know its true identity.

[Image: Allan Jones/ APEX via the Metro]