Charles Manson Wedding Off: Fiancee’s Morbid Plan To Exploit His Corpse Emerges

Charles Manson’s fiancee allegedly had a morbid plan for his body after he died. Given the recent turn of events, his engagement to Afton Elaine Burton, also known as “Star,” is off.

Journalist Daniel Simone spoke with the NY Post about the 27-year-old’s plan to marry one of the most infamous killers in history. Burton reportedly hadn’t planned to marry Manson for love, but for profit. She and a friend by the name of Craig Hammond wanted to rake in money by putting Manson’s corpse in a glass crypt. As Simone says, it was a “California version of Lenin’s Tomb” and “would draw huge crowds and make big money.”

The 80-year-old has no interest in having his body displayed in a glass coffin. He realized what his fiancee was up to and got out. Simone adds that Charles Manson doesn’t believe he’ll ever even face death.

“He feels he will never die. Therefore, he feels it’s a stupid idea to begin with.”

The couple’s marriage license expired on Thursday, as Inquisitr revealed. Burton and Hammond’s website claims they “plan on renewing the license, and things will move forward in the coming months.”

Simone’s writing partner for The Retrial of Charles Manson is Heidi Joran Ley. The two are looking for someone to publish their book. The authors say Star Burton and her friend allegedly came up with their plan to get Manson’s corpse about two years ago. When the pair asked Manson to sign a document that would allow them to take his body after he dies.

What Burton and Hammond may not have realized, is that Manson was playing them. Simone says Manson didn’t give them a yes or no on signing the document. Since his fiancee and Hammond would bring him “toiletries and other items,” Manson continued “stringing them along” because it “kept the goodies coming.”

Exasperated by their attempt to get Manson to sign over his dead body, a plan was devised to get Burton married to Manson since California law would grant her possession of his remains upon his death, Simone says.

The journalist surmises that Mason had no intention of marrying Star Burton.

In a separate report by Fox 2 News, Burton’s mother disputes the entire report, claiming that her daughter isn’t marrying Charles Manson to get his remains after he dies.

“She is my daughter no matter what is going on in her life. You would love her unconditionally too if she were your child.”

[Photo Credit: Gawker]