Kris Jenner Reportedly Humiliated Bruce For Years After Finding Him Wearing Her Dresses

According to the latest reports regarding the apparently imminent Bruce Jenner sex change, the former Olympic star was humiliated for years by then-wife Kris Jenner after she found him wearing her dresses.

At the time she met Bruce, Kris was fresh out of a divorce from Robert Kardashian, and had four young children. She was thrilled when she met the Olympic gold medalist, and she thought she had literally found gold.

However, according to an inside source, as reported by Radar Online, within just a few months of marriage, Kris Jenner realized that her new husband was more in touch with his feminine side than she had realized.

The source claims that the humiliation started back in the early ’90s.

“Kris had come home from early from a playdate with the kids, and she walked in on Bruce in one of her dresses. She was absolutely stunned, and immediately shamed Bruce, and told him to never let it happen again.”

Having allegedly been caught in her clothes, Bruce reportedly went into denial mode.

“Bruce really wanted to explain it to his wife, but she wasn’t having it. Kris said if the information was ever made public, they would go broke as a family because back then, Bruce was the sole bread winner for the family,” the source claims.

As a result of being exposed by his wife, Bruce Jenner was allegedly left emotionally scarred for life from the humiliation Kris put him through.

The source revealed, “It was a very sad, dark time for Bruce and it was never forgotten. Bruce still has the scars from that horrible time with Kris. There was hardly any information about people suffering from gender identity issues back then. Bruce didn’t know how to explain it other than he liked wearing women’s clothes.”

Apparently, Bruce Jenner has been living as a woman behind the closed doors of his Malibu home, but plans to break his silence soon and come out officially as a woman.