Haley Kalil Bounces Around Adorably On Instagram, Excited For Her 'SI Swimsuit' Interview

Gorgeous bikini model Haley Kalil celebrated an exciting day with her 320,000 Instagram followers on Wednesday. The beautiful redhead indicated that her elation in the video was due to her upcoming interview with Sports Illustrated Swimsuit.

According to a recent article on the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit website, this is her second official year with the publication. The former beauty pageant winner was discovered professionally during the inaugural Sports Illustrated Swim Search in 2018, when she was selected as a co-winner with model Camille Kostek. The 2020 issue will hit stands next Tuesday, July 21.

Haley danced around her kitchen at the beginning of the quick clip, merrily lip-syncing to Kim Petras' vocals from a popular Kygo song.

She looked absolutely stunning in a pumpkin-colored sweater that complimented her gingery complexion. The top was low-cut and buttoned up the front, revealing Haley's spectacular cleavage. Her breasts bounced alluringly as she swayed back and forth.

Her gorgeous mane of auburn hair was parted down the center and the layers were loosely curled. It swung back and forth as she moved, cascading well past her shoulders.

Her already amazing features appear to have been accentuated with the application of makeup. Her freckled complexion looked flawless and her skin was radiant. It appeared that bronzer highlighted her delicate bone structure.

Her eyes appeared to have been defined with a copper shadow brushed across her lids, and some dark liner and mascara. A rose-colored stain may have emphasized her full lips and perfect white smile.

Haley accessorized with several pieces of gold jewelry. Medium-sized hoops dangled from her earlobes. Three thin gold chains of varying lengths and styles draped from her neck across her smooth decolletage. The longest necklace fell all the way between the rounded curves of her bust.

She had a wide beaming grin on her face the entire time. For a good portion of the video, she playfully motioned to the camera with her left hand as she mouthed the words to the song in the background. She held a piece of a donut in her right hand, which she also brandished at the viewer before taking a huge smiling bite out of it.

Haley's many dedicated Instagram fans were eager to express their adoration for the goofy post, and congratulate her for her success. She personally responded to a number of followers with positive and humorous words.

"You are hands down the prettiest human," complimented one person.

"I just looked at your profile and SO ARE YOU," Haley sweetly replied.

"All donuts were harmed in the making of this video," joked a second fan.

"They were eaten alive," laughed Haley.

The upcoming Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue has created quite a buzz. Yesterday Olivia Culpo proudly posted a photo of the cover, which she shares with Jasmine Sanders and Kate Bock.