Rosie O’Donnell Talks About Leaving ‘The View’ Again

When news hit that Rosie O’Donnell was leaving The View, people were shocked. Not only was Rosie leaving but she was right in the middle of her contract. It was a headline that put everyone in deja vu, but this time O’Donnell cleared up why she was leaving, and it wasn’t because of a feud.

According to O’Donnell, there were several reasons why she needed to leave The View. Rosie is now separating from her wife Michelle Rounds, and is raising her children, including a toddler, at her home. As it turns out, this new life change coupled with being a co-host on the show was causing a decline in her health, and her doctor was concerned.

O’Donnell was interviewed by Extra after the news hit. At the time she was very open talking about her departure, and actually had nice things to say about The View, which is shocking given her abrupt exit the first time around.

“They have been great in understanding that this is a pretty serious matter, and you know, I had a near fatal heart attack two years ago and the stress is really a causing factor of having a second one, so that’s the reason, and I am very happy that they were so accommodating.”

Of her health problems, O’Donnell said, “I am having some stress in my private life at home, I’m having stress in my work environment, and something has to give, so the thing that was most fixable immediately to hopefully lower the level of stress and increase my focus on my health and my family was to not have to go to work every day which I know I am very privileged to have the luxury of not having to.”

As honest and open as Rosie was during her interview with Extra, today’s View completely glossed over the big news of the weekend. It was surprising considering The View usually doesn’t shy away from gossip that happens behind the scenes of their show. No matter the panel of co-hosts they have always tried to clear up rumors and open a dialogue about the reports that circulate the show.

The only thing we can think of is the ladies of The View decided not to address it, because making an announcement would open up discussion for a more private matter that Rosie wants to deal with at home? What do you think?

[Image via ABC]