Illegal Immigrants: DHS Hotline Created To Protect ‘Obama Amnesty Rights’

Illegal immigrants who feel that their rights under the “Obama amnesty” program have been violated can now call a hotline created by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to complain. A notice announcing the illegal immigrants hotline was just released by the United States Customs and Border Protection agency — the Border Patrol is a division of DHS.

The DHS illegal immigrants hotline memo informed the individuals who qualify to stay in the United States under the guidelines of President Barack Obama’s executive order to “please tell us about your experience” and to make sure to let the federal agency know “if they believe they were treated contrary to the new DHS enforcement priorities.”

The Department of Homeland Security refers to the individuals who entered America illegally as “stakeholders” in the Border Patrol memo announcing the hotline. The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement oversees immigration laws. The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, also a taxpayer-funded agency, has reportedly been tasked with processing the “millions” amnesty applications expected to be filed in 2015.

“Instead of supporting our agents, this administration has decided it is more important to find new ways to solicit complaints and invite ridicule against them. We demand that this administration spend more time defending the men and women defending our nation and less time promoting the extreme agendas of pro-illegal-immigration organizations,” Shawn Moran, vice president of the National Border Patrol Council, said.

The National Border Patrol Council is a labor union representing the men and women who patrol the nation’s borders.

As previously reported by the Inqusitr, the Border Patrol is currently being sued by an illegal immigrant who claims agents allowed a dog to attack him during his arrest. The lawsuit also claims that a fellow illegal immigrant watched the agents ignore Jose Manuel Marino-Najera being attacked by the dog. Because the canine was aiding the Border Patrol in their law enforcement duties, Marino-Najera claims that he deserves compensation for his injuries.

Bill Riser, the illegal immigrant’s attorney, maintains that Jose Manuel Marino-Najera is entitled to sue the Border Patrol and the federal government because the alleged injuries occurred on American soil. During a very adversarial interview with Fox News’ Neil Cavuto, Bill Riser said that the illegal act of coming into America, coupled with the drug mule activity, has no bearing on his client’s standing to file a lawsuit against the Border Patrol.

President Obama’s amnesty policy reportedly grants “tentative legal status” to approximately four million illegal immigrants. The executive order also mandates that Border Patrol agents are not allowed to arrest illegal aliens already living in the United States who helped recent illegal immigrants arrives hid in the country — if they meet the number of years already in the U.S. guidelines. Exactly how the federal government can disprove an illegal immigrants “years here” claims remains unclear.

What do you think about the DHS illegal immigrants hotline and the state of border security in the United States?

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