Should A Woman Shave Her Face? Women Who Shave Their Face Like Men Age Better, According To Experts [Report]

Dermatologists are reportedly encouraging an unconventional method that may help women age better. However, the method doesn’t involve Botox, face-lifts or any other type of expensive cosmeticsurgery. Surprisingly, it has been reported the “secret to anti-aging” only involves the use of one cost-efficient item – a razor. According to Mirror, beauty experts insist women who shave their faces like men actually age better. Dermatologist Dr. Neal Schultz insists regular shaving is the reason why men statistically age better than women.

“Most men shave their faces — and thereby exfoliate two-thirds of their face — regularly for years. That’s the reason that by their 30s and 40s, men’s skin often looks better than women’s skin,” Dr. Schultz explained.

During a recent interview with Mail Online, Dr. Michael Prager, aesthetic clinician at the a London-based Prager Beauty Clinic, also cited the benefits of shaving and how it actually serves as a form of micro-dermabrasion to exfoliate and restore skin follicles. Although shaving may not halt the anti-aging process in its entirety, it reportedly helps tremendously.

“From an anti-ageing point of view, home shaving has some effect. It’s like a mild form of microdermabrasion, so encourages collagen production, which reduces wrinkles. Whenever there’s trauma to the skin, collagen is stimulated to help cell renewal.”

However, many argue shaving could possibly have drawbacks. The old myth that insists hair grows back faster and thicker has many women apprehensive about even attempting to test the newly acclaimed anti-aging remedy. Dr. Prager also addressed the myth and put things into perspective by refuting the controversial claims. He also explained why the hair won’t grow back differently.

“The notion that shaving influences regrowth is wrong,” he said. “Cutting off hair above the root won’t cause any feedback to the follicle, which is the live part that produces the hair and sits below the skin. People might think hair looks thicker because it comes out at a different angle or blunt, rather than tapered to a natural point, but it won’t be changed on a cellular level.”

A number of other reports have also supported the claims that shaving can help women age better. According to ABC News, Alexis Wolfer, editor of The Beauty Bean, recently weighed in with a detailed analysis explaining how shaving also reduces wrinkles.

“It’s definitely a thing. One reason men are thought to get fewer wrinkles is that they’re constantly exfoliating their faces every time they shave, literally shaving away the outermost layers of skin and encouraging your skin to create new layers,” Wolfer explained.

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[Image via Style List]