Ed Sheeran Was Not Mistaken For A Waiter By Lady Gaga -- Fake Twitter Account Fools Many

Many of Ed Sheeran's fans were disappointed that he didn't take home a Grammy on Sunday. But things could have been a lot more embarrassing for Sheeran if many news outlets had been correct about one awkward story.

A fake Ed Sheeran Twitter account tweeted that Lady Gaga had mistaken him for a waiter, most likely because of his formal, vested suit. Several news sites mistook the phony Sheeran account for the real one and reported that Lady Gaga actually thought he was a server at the Grammys.

According to Entertainment.ie, the fake Ed Sheeran account has only 11,000 followers, which is nothing compared to the real Sheeran's whopping 12.2 million. The username for the false account is spelled "edsheersan."

There were so many people fooled by the fake Ed's tweet that the parody account bothered to address the issue, tweeting, "The replies to that tweet make me feel bad they're hating on Gaga she didn't do nothin."

Us Weekly was among the first to be fooled by the parody Sheeran account, claiming that Lady Gaga made a fool of herself twice by suffering a nipple slip at the Grammy awards and mistaking Ed for a waiter.

The fake tweet that tricked everyone said, "I love @ladygaga. Spoke to her earlier and she mistook me for a waiter. Gotta love the #GRAMMYs. #INeedANewSuit? Aha."

The Independent also took the fake tweet for a real one, claiming Ed Sheeran's "big night" at the Grammys was taken down a notch by Lady Gaga's comment.

But the Grammy's weren't exactly a big deal for Ed Sheeran. While Ed did get to perform a duet with Jeff Lynne, which the people of the internet loved, he lost in all three categories for which he was nominated. Not only that, nobody seemed to understand that Ed Sheeran's newest album x is pronounced "multiply."

Even though x was the most-streamed album on Spotify in 2014, many Sheeran fans were taken aback by the real pronunciation of the album when it was spoken at the Grammy awards, according to the Telegraph.

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