Landa Del Rey Ripped Apart By Critics Over Horrendous Saturday Night Live (SNL) Performance

Singer Lana Del Rey could have helped her career more if she had just decided to stay home rather than make an appearance on Saturday night Live this past weekend. That’s because critics have tore her performance apart, calling them everything from drab and boring. In face funnyman and NBC news anchor Brian Williams called her “one of the worst [performers] in ‘SNL’ history.”

This isn’t the first time Lana Del Rey has drawn controversy in her short lived career, back in October she signed to Interscope records and signed a deal with Next Model Management, a move that drew criticism from bloggers who found her lack of authenticity to be a turn-off.

In a private email published by Gawker Brian Williams said her performance was awful but also noticed that SNL’s producers booked her on the “strength” of a two-song online EP which left her without the experience required to handle such a show. To Williams I remind our readers that the once unknown Counting Crows launched their career on the strength of their Mr. Jones single which was featured on the show.

Defending the singer was Daniel Radcliffe who noted:

“People seemed to turn on her so quickly… making it about things other than the performance… it’s all about her past and her family, and stuff that’s nobody else’s business.”

What makes her SNL performance so odd is that she has actually had some very good nationally televised performances and an excellent outing on the British late-night show “Later… with Jools Holland.”

In case you missed her performance on SNL here it is:

Now compare that performance from her stint on Live with Jools Holland and notice the vast difference:

Personally I feel like we already have an Adele, trying to replace her with a skinnier version just doesn’t cut it.