Jessa Duggar Seewald Pregnant? ’19 Kids’ Star’s New Video Seemingly Reveals Answer

Ben Seewald and Jessa Duggar’s wedding took place in November and 19 Kids & Counting fans have been on baby bump watch ever since then. Though there has been no sign or word from Jessa and Ben that they’re planning to delve into parenting right away, fans have been anticipating baby news anyway. A new video may well give a big of long-awaited insight into the question of whether Jessa Duggar is pregnant already.

Many 19 Kids fans have been speculating about a Jessa Duggar baby bump since the wedding. That buzz escalated when nearly every photo of Jessa on Instagram over the past couple of months was either showing her only from the shoulders up or with something in front of her belly. Jessa and Ben weren’t saying anything about a pregnancy one way or the other and plenty of 19 Kids fans thought perhaps they were holding off on an announcement until the new season started.

Over the weekend, Ben Seewald shared a video of Jessa and her sister Jinger playing the piano together. While of course fans loved watching the sisters play, many instantly noticed that there is definitely no Duggar baby bump in this one. While of course it’s still possible that Jessa is pregnant, the video would seemingly indicate that if she is expecting, she’s in the very early stages yet.

Given all the speculation fans have been doing since Ben and Jessa’s wedding, many really expected her to be pregnant and definitively showing already. It may well be that the 19 Kids couple is simply taking their time and not really in a rush to throw themselves into parenthood. Fans will surely learn more about the couple’s plans when new episodes of 19 Kids & Counting begin to air.

Teasers for the new season indicate that fans will get to see a lot of the wedding planning for Jessa and Ben’s big day. Viewers will also get to see a bit of the Seewald couple’s honeymoon and their life as they settle into their first home together. Of course 19 Kids fans also know that Jessa’s sister Jill Duggar is expecting her first baby with Derick Dillard. The new season will follow Jill and Derick along in their first months of marriage and the “Baby Dilly” pregnancy. Their baby boy is expected to arrive in March.

Will Ben Seewald and Jessa Duggar have baby news to share at some point of the coming season? Fans will have to stay tuned and wait for updates as the new season of 19 Kids & Counting gets started on February 17.

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