The iPad Continues To Be A Huge Hit With Business Users

Apple continues to sell the iPad amazingly well with as many as over 60 Million sold to date. One of the big purchasers are business users, including large companies and small businesses. A technology media firm, IDG Connect, conducted a survey to see how business users around the World use their iPad.

“Nearly everyone responded that they use it for reading, with over 70 percent globally saying they are buying fewer physical books and newspapers as a result. A majority also say they use it for Web browsing. This isn’t so surprising since tablets make a great content consumption tool.”

With most magazines and newspapers gone digital now as well as iBooks or Kindle books from Amazon, it simply makes more sense to have a digital copy instead of lugging around or keeping track of a physical copy.

“What’s more interesting is that 57 percent of U.S. users surveyed said they are carrying their laptop less, partially or completely replacing it with the iPad. Over half of the U.S. respondents said they use their iPad for communication, and 43 percent even said they use their iPad for tasks they would have otherwise used a smartphone to complete. This emphasizes that tablets aren’t just a reading tool, but also a communications tool, which may be why 79 percent of those surveyed “always” use their iPad on the road.”

The same technology media firm also found last year that 85% of customers in the US who had bought an iPad, plan on sticking with Apple for future tablet purchases.

Do you have an iPad or tablet and if not, do you plan on buying one in the near future?