‘Tactical Nuke’ Explodes In Ukraine? Video Footage Shows Giant Explosion, Mushroom Cloud [Video]

The Ukrainian city of Donetsk experienced a giant explosion last night that left many fearing that Russia was using “tactical nukes” against them. The explosion shattered windows and even caused a brief mushroom cloud to form in the sky. The night’s sky was glowing with orange as the explosion occurred. The entire ordeal was captured on video.

In the video above, you can watch as the explosion occurs late last night. The pitch black sky suddenly is illuminated in an orange glow. The blast was so loud that windows in the area shattered. The Daily Mail notes that some in the area feared that Russian had attacked the area with tactical nuclear weapons as a mushroom cloud lingered in the sky.

Though there is speculation that the blast was a small nuclear weapon, pro-Russian rebels say otherwise. According to reports by the pro-Russian rebels, the huge explosion was caused by an artillery shell hitting a rebel-held chemical plant. The artillery shell was said by the pro-Russia group to have come from Ukrainian loyalists. The chemical plant lies in Donetsk, which is in central Ukraine.

It is noted that fighting in Ukraine between pro-Russian rebels and pro-government forces loyal to Kiev has intensified in the region despite a truce agreed upon by both parties back in September. Ukrainian diplomats are concerned that if pro-Russian rebels are allowed to maintain control of Eastern Ukraine, Russia would have the ability to target other Baltic states.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, it isn’t just Ukraine that is worried about the potential of Russia to use nuclear weapons in Ukraine. U.S. Congress members warned of Vladimir Putin invading Ukraine using Crimea.