Bobbi Kristina Brown: Violent History With Nick Gordon Reportedly The Result Of Jealousy, But Not For Reasons You’d Expect

Bobbi Kristina Brown reportedly has a number of questionable injuries and her family wants answers. According to CNN, a source close to the family stated that the injuries have raised many concerns and have left many wondering how the incident occurred.

Although the family has not released any details regarding the injuries, most news reports have speculated that the injuries probably appear to be the result of a fight she may have had with “brother/boyfriend” Nick Gordon prior to being found unconscious in her bathtub on Saturday, Jan. 31.

Now, investigators with the Roswell Police Department have launched a full investigation to figure out how she ended up face down in the bathtub. The series of events that led to the 911 call are still unclear. However, Bobbi Kristina’s friend, Max Lomas’ statement only added fuel to the speculative fire, because he made it clear that he had never saw her that morning until he found her in the bathtub.

Since he reportedly arrived at the townhouse around 9:00 a.m. many are now wondering just how long she’d been unconscious or did something occur prior to her being found. Since her family has never trusted Nick, he was the first person suspected of foul play.

Now, a number of disturbing facts about their relationship have reportedly surfaced. In addition to rumors about substance and alcohol abuse, details have surfaced about the violent history she’d had with Nick over the past couple years. Although the family initially accused him of gold-digging, with hopes of living off Bobbi Kristina’s inheritance for years to come, there’s actually more. Nick isn’t just in for the money. According to TMZ, the 23-year-old is extremely jealous of Bobbi Kristina. But, surprisingly, it isn’t the same kind of jealousy most people would think of.

The report claims many of the couple’s close friends have agreed that many of their violent incidents were the result of Nick’s growing obsession with wanting to be famous. However, since he’s just Bobbi Kristina’s boyfriend, he’s often overshadowed. Friends of the two insist the blatant disregard often fuels his anger, which leads to a volatile response. The couple’s friends also stated that the launched investigation also comes as no surprise since the couple has an extensive history with domestic violence.

The Roswell Police Department has stated that the investigation will be ongoing.

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