Woman Attacked In Her Sleep By Robot Vacuum Cleaner Saved By Paramedics

Addam Corré

A 52-year-old woman from South Korea was attacked by her robot vacuum cleaner while she slept, but was thankfully and luckily saved when she called paramedics and the fire department which immediately rushed to assist her.

The resident of Changwon City, who has so far remained nameless, was taking a nap on the floor of her home when the state-of-the-art robot vacuum cleaner she had recently purchased began sucking up her hair, apparently thinking it was dust.

As the suction on the vacuum cleaner was extremely strong, the poor woman needed help as her long hair began to become entangled in the insides of the vacuum cleaner, which was no doubt painful.

When the woman realized she was unable to free herself from the grip of the powerful vacuum cleaner she called the fire department and begged them to assist her. She was ultimately freed from the robot by paramedics, as reported by the South Korean newspaper, Kyunghyang Shinmun.

While robot vacuum cleaners have grown in popularity in recent years, there have been a number of problems with them; this case in South Korea highlights the dangers of leaving a robotic vacuum cleaner working while taking an impromptu nap on the floor.

Probably the most modern vacuum cleaner these days is the Rulo, made by Panasonic, which is triangular in shape and thus apparently more adept at sucking dust from corners in a house or apartment.

These robotic vacuum cleaners are equipped with sensors that enable them to avoid obstacles such as stairs, and detect dust and other debris on the floor. They can also be programmed to seek out a recharging dock and recharge of their own accord.

The potential dangers posed by these vacuum cleaners are particularly prevalent in countries like South Korea and Japan, where people are accustomed to napping on the floor, unlike in the West.