Chris Soules’ Wedding Plans To Be Revealed On ‘ATFR’ — ‘Bachelor’ Still Engaged, Breakup Rumors Not True

Is Bachelor Chris Soules still engaged to his final pick and are their wedding plans underway? The handsome Iowa farmer has already confirmed that he is in love with the woman he gave the final rose to, so fans are anxious to find out if he and his future bride have a wedding date picked out.

Fans will probably find out about the Bachelor’s wedding plans on the After the Final Rose special that airs after the season finale, but Chris is already talking about his dream wedding. The 33-year-old Iowa farmer tells Reality TV World that he would like to have a summer wedding “on the farm” — but he did not confirm (yet) that he is planning to make his wedding dreams come true with his new fiancee.

“Sometime in August… We’d spend all the money to remodel one of the barns. Everyone would get crazy and celebrate falling in love.”

[Spoilers ahead]

Reality Steve is positive that Chris is engaged to fertility nurse Whitney Bischoff. He is confident that fans will find that he is 100 percent correct in his prediction when they watch the season finale.

Of course, there are multiple rumors that contradict Steve’s spoilers, including a rumor that Soules broke off the engagement and is back together with his ex-girlfriend, Sheena Schreck. Speculation that Becca Tilley won the final rose is also not true, with Steve stating that fans will see Chris send her home during the final rose ceremony.

It’s not only Reality Steve who is confident that Chris is engaged to Whitney. The Hollywood Gossip states that residents of Soules’ tiny hometown of Arlington, Iowa, are apparently talking about Whitney — and it’s all good.

“One Iowa source says Whitney is ‘already known and confirmed within his social circles’ and that his hometown is “openly buzzing” about her.”

With just a few episodes left until the final rose ceremony airs, fans are anxious to see Chris Soules propose to his future wife on the season finale. He’s already revealed to People that he is in love, so hopefully fans will find out if the couple have set a wedding date when the After the Final Rose special airs on March 9.

“I don’t think I could get through that again, [but] I’m extremely happy with the outcome. I’m happy to say I’m in love. That’s pretty crazy!”

Weeks ago, he told Reality TV World that he wants at least four children, but that won’t be happening right away. Chris states that he wants to take some time to work on his brand-new relationship, so chances are fans won’t be seeing any mini-farmers for awhile. It looks like the couple are going to enjoy their time together before they start a family.

“Being on the show was amazing, but I have to think about what’s going to happen after all the cameras go away and it gets real. I want a best friend I can laugh with, cry with, get through tough times with. Being alone is really important in moving the relationship forward.”

If Reality Steve’s prediction is correct, do you think Chris and Whitney will get married and become one of the few Bachelor success stories?

[Images: @BachelorABC Twitter]