Plane Found That Went Missing 50 Years Ago With Chilean Soccer Team [Breaking]

A report out today claims that wreckage from a plane found is from the aircraft that contained members of a prominent Chilean soccer team. According to BBC News, a group of climbers found the remains of a plane presumed to have gone missing 50 years ago.

VIDEO: Andes plane found 50 years after crash: Mountaineers in Chile… @verified @monsif35

— Morjani Monsif (@monsif35) February 8, 2015

A number of mountaineers scaling peaks in the Andes say they discovered the crash site where a plane went down some 54 years ago. The plane, in 1961, apparently crashed, but there has been no trace of debris or human life since that fateful day. Climbers say they found the plane in Maule, which is situated some 190 miles due south from the city of Santiago. Leonardo Albornoz, an expedition member, says the exact site is being kept within a tight group in order to prevent looting.

Flight records show that 34 people were aboard when it went down, eight of them members of Green Cross, at the time Chile’s top football club. Two planes were traveling that day to accommodate the team and its staff. The other made it safely to its destination in the Chilean capital. The other plane vanished and was never found. It became one of the century’s greatest unsolved plane crashes. All aboard the airliner were presumed to be dead. After the crash, the team was later disbanded in 1965.

“It was an overwhelming moment and we felt all kinds of sensations. One could feel the energy of the location and breathe in the pain,” Albornoz said on finding the lost plane.


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