Sophie B. Hawkins, 50, Pregnant With Baby Girl

You probably remember her hit single “D**n! I Wish I Was Your Lover” from the 1990s. These days, Sophie’s wishes lie elsewhere: another chance at motherhood. Her wish is coming true: the fifty-year-old singer is pregnant with a baby girl, who is due in July.

The singer, who is already mom to a 6-year-old son, Dashiell, is pregnant with a baby girl after being implanted with her own frozen embryo (sperm was provided by a donor). Hawkins talked to People about her decision to have another child. It was not without trepidation, due to the fact of her age and that she is newly single.

“I found Dashiell really needs a sibling. My son has one parent who’s 50. I want him to have a family of young people too! I went through waking up crying and saying, ‘Am I too old? Will I suddenly at 51 have my knees give out?’ Now I don’t have any of those fears because I feel healthy and strong. I’m also setting up a good net of support, and that’s the key to anybody having a child.”

Physicians would agree that Hawkins made a wise decision to freeze her own ova (human eggs) at the age of thirty-one, a time when the risk of fetal anomaly is still fairly low because the mother is not considered advanced maternal age. It is the age of the ovum, not the age of the mother, that increases chromosomal anomalies.

Now past her first trimester in which she faced morning sickness, she is into her second trimester and talks candidly about the decision to have a child at the age of fifty.

“For me, the main decision was emotional. I’ve been wanting to have a child since Dashiell was 1, but I was working too much and there was a lot going on in my relationship. I interviewed a lot of divorced women and they said, ‘It’s so much easier to do it alone. You don’t have the pressure or the criticism or judgment of someone else.’ Of course then you ask, ‘Will I miss the emotional support?’ Well, to tell you the truth, I’m getting that more from my friends than I ever got in a relationship.”

Hawkins said that her son is eagerly awaiting the arrival of his sister, whom he has dubbed “Bubblegum.”

“He asks me every day — he named her Bubblegum — when is Bubblegum coming out?”

[image via ptsroadhouse]