Attack Of The Killer Gnocchi! Watch As A Man Is Bombarded With Flying Fried Potato Goodness [Video]

What is there not to love about gnocchi? Those delicious balls of potato goodness, all pan-seared to perfection. However, it should be noted that gnocchi do not appreciate being fried. In fact, they will attack you and burn you like a flaming ball of grease. Steve, who just wanted some extra crunchy gnocchi, learns this fact the hard way.

In the video posted by WebstaurantStore, you can watch as Steve prepares to make some gnocchi. He decides he would like the potato delicacy with a little extra crunch. Therefore, he has the bright idea to deep fry the little balls of potato. However, he is not prepared for what ensues, and the gnocchi fights back by attacking the man straight out of the fryer.

The first gnocchi attacks at the 1:24 mark. The first one is a goodie, so scroll back to the 1:20 mark or so and play from there. The angry potato ball can be seen flying out of the fryer, straight for Steve’s head. Steve now decides it is a good idea to remove the tiny balls before he loses an ear. However, the gnocchi isn’t done with him. Even after the little guys get out of the fryer, they aren’t done with Steve. The gnocchi continues to pop like popcorn all around the drying rack.

The killer gnocchi video is from 2010, but went viral earlier today after it was posted to Reddit. It has now received over 1 million views.

As if flying, killer gnocchi isn’t enough, Steve’s infectious laughter brings this video over-the-top. Did you know that gnocchi would pop like popcorn if fried? If you didn’t before, now you do. What do you think of Steve’s response to the hot gnocchi flying towards his head? Would you laugh or run away?