Heroic Dog Tries Saving Owner’s Life By Covering His Face During House Fire, Now She Fights For Her Life

A heroic dog tried saving her owner’s life by covering his face during a house fire that occurred in Goshen Township, Ohio, on Thursday night. The nine-year-old Boxer, Carmen, is now fighting for her life.

According to KTLA 5 News, the dog showed immense bravery by sticking to her owner’s side as flames surrounded them both. Firefighters found the dog covering 33-year-old Ben Ledford’s face as the blaze engulfed the home. Unfortunately, the man didn’t survive the horrific fire and his beloved pet is facing a long road to recovery.

Carmen is fighting for her life after trying to save her owner in a fatal house fire.

Carmen and the owner she was trying to save were located in the basement when firefighters arrived on the scene. They noticed her covering Ledford’s face in an effort to protect him from flames and smoke.

WCPO 9 News has details on the report from Dr. Daniel Carey and Dr. Marlo Anderson at Cincinnati Care Center. Carmen’s lungs are severely damaged from the deadly heat and smoke. Ledford was pronounced dead after he arrived at the hospital.

“All things considered she’s doing quite well,” Dr. Carey said of the heroic dog Saturday morning.

Vets placed the brindle-colored Boxer on a ventilator Friday evening and it’s made a big difference in her progress.

“She is definitely still considered very critical but she is certainly in better condition than she was before we put her on the ventilator,” Dr. Anderson said.

Dr. Anderson says if Carmen hadn’t been placed on a ventilator, it’s likely she would’ve died. There’s about a 50 percent “on average success rate once they go on the ventilator for something like this that they’ll be able to come off the ventilator.”

Dr. Carey says the heroic dog is slowly being weaned off the ventilator, which he says is “the next critical phase.” The canine is hooked up to an IV and is on heart monitors. So far, she’s responding well to treatment. Carmen is in a specialized kennel that provides her with higher oxygen levels and “minimizes stress any stress for her movements,” Dr. Anderson said.

The heroic Boxer dog tried desperately to save her owner’s life by covering his face in the fire, something Dr. Anderson isn’t surprised by.

“A lot of dogs instinctively know when there’s a crisis going on and so a lot of them do go to try to protect their owners, so she very well may have been trying to protect him.”

Carmen’s spirits haven’t been too low, according to Dr. Anderson.

“She seems to be very social, so anytime we are over here with her she’s kind of up and trying to interact with us as best she can.”

The staff at Cincinnati Care Center feels bad for Carmen, knowing that she won’t be with her owner anymore.

[Photo Credit: WCPO 9 Screenshot]