Pharrell Williams Sings ‘Happiness Is The Lord,’ Gives Taylor Swift A Side Eye As She Dances, Does ‘Hands Up, Don’t Shoot’ Gesture

I felt it in my soul that Pharrell Williams’ “Happy” would take the Grammys by storm and win Best Music Video, even before they announced Pharrell’s name. And Williams was apparently the talk of the Grammys for several reasons on Sunday night, if not for the weird way that Pharrell opened his “Happy” song, but then turned it into a triumphant feast of sound as he changed his “happiness is the truth” lyrics to “happiness is the Lord” at the end, Pharrell also saw fit to thank God during the end of his performance, as seen in YouTube videos of Pharrell Williams performing ‘Happy’ at Grammys 2015, wherein Williams makes good on a mea culpa prayer that he forgot to issue during his earlier winning speech when Pharrell spoke of moonwalking off the stage.

“I forgot to say it earlier God, but as You can see I’m at Your service, Lord.”

Meanwhile, it’s not merely Pharrell’s Lord-thanking that’s taking the Internet by storm, but also the looks that Pharrell gave Taylor Swift’s Grammy dancing, as reported by Defamer on Gawker. Tons of memes claimed Pharrell Williams was no longer happy whilst watching Taylor dance, but I’m sure she just shook it off and couldn’t care less. YouTube videos claiming Pharrell was judging Taylor Swift dancing at the 2015 Grammy’s are also getting a growing number of views as time goes on.

Back to Pharrell’s faith. Instagram accounts like are updating social media with reactions to Williams expressing his faith in such a public manner.

“This what my momma and nem did when Pharell gave God (Lord I’m at your service) a shoutout lol i know all the saints goin UP and gonna talk abt it on next Sunday.”

Others on Twitter are tweeting about Pharrell’s “hands up don’t shoot” gesture during his performance of the runaway smash “Happy” song.

“Wow. At loss for words at the fact Pharrell and his dancers did the gesture during his performance. So amazing, just wow.”

Overall, if people aren’t talking about Pharrell Williams’ outfit and comparing it to a bell hop, they are tweeting about Pharrell’s looks given to Taylor Swift and his “Black Lives Matter, hands up, don’t shoot” gesture during the “Happy” song. So Pharrell gave everyone a lot to discuss. Even more than Iggy Azalea’s 2015 braided Grammy hairstyle, as reported by the Inquisitr.

[Image of Pharrell Williams via Twitter]