Aired Video Backfired On ISIS, Galvanizes Coalition Against The Terrorist Group

The brutal burning death of a Jordanian pilot may have failed for ISIS and sparked the opposition to seek out and destroy the terrorist group. In an exclusive interview with ABC News, retired Marine Corps Gen. John Allen claims that the video “absolutely” backfired.

“It will be one of these moments that created a unity of purpose and a unity of effort among the nations [of the world.] King Abdullah has indicated the desire to do more in the aftermath of this horrific killing. He’s been a leader in this process.”

Allen, who is the Special Presidential Envoy for the Global Coalition to Counter ISIS, was in Amman, Jordan, to meet with King Abdullah and other officials. He was sent after the video aired of the Jordanian pilot Lt. Muath al-Kasabeh being burned alive in a locked cage. The video has triggered outrage around the world, including among Muslim nations, and prompted Jordan to bombard ISIS targets.

Ret. Gen. John Allen, Special Presidential Envoy interviewed about ISIS. [Image via Washington Post] Ret. Gen. John Allen Special Presidential Envoy interviewed about ISIS.
[Image via Washington Post]
Until the video aired, Allen was having trouble forming a coalition among Middle Eastern countries. The United States has lead about 80 percent of the air strikes aimed at ISIS. That isn’t to say that the Islamic extremists haven’t faced other opposition. As reported by Yahoo! News, they were beaten back by Kurdish forces in Kobani, Syria, but much of the country remains a battleground.

Battles against ISIS are also being waged in Iraq, where they control about one-third of the country. There are concerns about Iraqi security forces being capable of retaking the territory being controlled by the extremist force.

“We work very hard at several levels to prepare the Iraqi security forces to do this. We have advise and assist elements that are with them today. There are elements of the Iraqi security forces that are in fact in action today.”

Allen thinks that ISIS will participate by defeating itself with stunts like airing the video. He also said that the group is prompting foreign fighters to join the coalition against them.

“[ISIS] is beginning to eat itself with increasing numbers of reports of ISIL executing foreign fighters who have come from long distances to be part of this.”

As the Inquisitr reported, ISIS is even being attacked in cyberspace. The infamous hackers of Anonymous claim the group has taken down several dozen websites recruiting for the extremists.

Allen cautions that the fight is far from over and threats from ISIS need to be taken “very seriously.” He also stated that ISIS is on an “entirely different level than al-Qaida was” but their actions have united the coalition against them.

[Image from CNN]