Ukraine: Military Aid Soon? Vladimir Putin’s Russia Would Win World War 3, Warns Diplomats

U.S. Secretary of Defense John Kerry says the Obama administration is open to giving Ukraine “assistance” beyond economic and non-lethal aid. Assuming the United States gives Ukraine military aid, diplomats are already warning this scenario could result in “total war,” or World War 3, and some even claim Vladimir Putin’s Russia would win the resulting conflict.

In a related report by the Inquisitr, the Russian military claims that Russia’s nuclear weapons were upgraded recently with new technology which supposedly makes U.S. missile defense system useless. Members of the U.S. Congress also claim that Putin has stationed Russian nuclear weapons in Ukraine already, and may even use Crimea for an invasion. England’s Ministry of Defense also believes a Russian bomber that was intercepted by RAF fighters was carrying a tactical nuclear weapon designed to take out nuclear subs.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Kerry left the door open for the possibility of sending defensive military hardware to Ukraine.

“I have no doubt that additional assistance of economic kind and other kinds will be going to Ukraine,” Mr. Kerry said in an interview which aired on Sunday. “And we do so understanding that there is no military solution. The solution is a political, diplomatic one. But President Putin’s got to make the decision to take an off ramp. And we have to make it clear to him that we are absolutely committed to the sovereignty and integrity of Ukraine no matter what.”

Lamberto Zannier, secretary-general of the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe, told Reuters he was concerned that giving Ukraine military aid would only worsen the situation.

“It may even lead down the line to more direct intervention of Russia in this conflict… Our objective remains that of de-escalating, so I think really the effort should continue to focus on that,” he said at the Munich Security Conference.

During the peace talks last week, French President François Hollande claimed that that France is a “friend” to Russia and opposes Ukraine joining NATO. He claims that giving Ukraine military aid could be a stepping stone toward World War 3.

“We have gone in the space of a few months from having differences, to conflict, to war … We are in a state of war, and a war that could be total,” Hollande warned according to Global Research. “I am sure I will be told there is a difference between defensive and offensive weapons, but that is a matter of semantics. Time is short, and it will not be said that France and Germany together did not try everything, attempt everything to preserve peace.”

Russian officials proclaimed that if the Obama administration give Ukraine military aid for a large-scale offensive, then the Russian army will intervene to prevent a “massacre” of the separatists. Such a scenario may result in the Ukraine war escalating to the point that tactical nuclear weapons are used. According to The Guardian, Carl Bildt, the former Swedish foreign minister, echoed such concerns, claiming that arming Kiev could mean war between Russia and NATO allies, a war that Bildt believes Vladmir Putin would win.

[Image via Lifegate]