Romney Endorsed By Dating Site As Ultimate “Sugar Daddy”

Brandon Wade CEO of said the risque website would be endorsing Republican Mitt Romney for President in 2012. is a website which teams up Sugar Daddy’s (that is uber rich men) with Sugar Babies (attractive women who want to be pampered).

Wade said he was prompted to promote Mitt Romney after he saw the GOP frontrunner reach into his pocket at a rally and hand a woman $50- $60 to by food for her family. While Romney is a happily married man, his net worth is somewhere around $250 million dollars.

In a written statement Wade said,

“While the media likes sensational stories about sugar daddy politicians behaving badly, I hope our endorsement of Mitt Romney for the GOP presidential nomination will shed positive light on what being a good sugar daddy should be about. When it comes to politics, small actions speak louder than big words. Mitt Romney has shown all other politicians that being a good sugar daddy is about helping others,”

It may seem like a weird match for a site which makes no apologies for teaming wealthy men with wanting women to support a conservative Mormon, Wade says the political world is the perfect place to find a Sugar Daddy.

Seekingarrangements.comsays on their site,

“Since sugar daddies are often powerful and wealthy men, it is no wonder many men in politics end up being sugar daddies. sugar daddy-ism cuts across all lines. It most definitely does not discriminate whether a candidate is Democrat or Republican. All political parties, be it liberals, moderates or conservatives are equally represented in the sugar community, and each have seen their fair share of notorious sugar daddies in the past few years.”

Do you find it odd that would endorse Mitt Romney as the ultimate Sugar Daddy?