Iggy Azalea 2015 Braided Grammy Hairstyle Gets Roasted On Twitter, But YouTube Tutorials Likely On The Way

Iggy Azalea has apparently had an interesting Grammy night thus far on Sunday. First off, Iggy Azalea didn’t win the Grammy for best rap album, but Eminem did, reports the Washington Post. There was also the controversy wherein Iggy Azalea tweeted about Papa John’s drivers, as reported by the Inquisitr, claiming they were her favorite pizza shop but tweeted that the drivers the company uses give out personal phone numbers to their family members.

None of these things are what’s setting Twitter alive about Iggy Azalea at the moment, though. No — that honor would go to the up-do type of braid that Iggy chose to wear, which made it look like a regal blonde crown upon her lovely head. Not all Twitter users saw it that way, however.

A search for Iggy on Twitter reveals tons of memes already about Azalea’s hairstyle, ones that compare her to a variety of cartoon characters or other wacky characters. Iggy is winning praise for her hourglass figure and the way her gorgeous blue floor-length Armani gown showed off her tall and trim figure, but sites like the Daily Mail are calling Iggy’s “plaits” or braided crown hairstyle bizarre.

The 24-year-old Iggy Azalea will probably take her Grammy’s hairstyle controversy all in stride, in the same manner that Azalea has handled all the backlash about her rapping style, with critics deriding Iggy for allegedly stealing black, rap, and hip-hop culture by rapping in an accent other than the Australian rapper’s natural tongue. Not everyone on Twitter has jumped onto the “hating Iggy” bandwagon, however, and some of Azalea’s fans are tweeting their support for Iggy — braided hairstyle and all.


The Daily Mail shows photos of Iggy Azalea’s braided hairstyle from several vantage points. They also show the rapper working her hairstyle that revealed not one circular braided crown all around her head, but in actuality the Iggy hairdo was comprised of two tightly plaited French braids that traveled down each side of her head. Upon closer inspection of the controversial Iggy hairstyle, it’s quite a feat to understand how a hairstylist could potentially create such an amazing style that makes it hard to tell where the braids end in the front or back. The front does show a unique little loop that will probably spawn millions of YouTube tutorials showing how to create such a famous Iggy braided hairstyle famous by Monday morning.

[Image via Daily Mail]