Tyler Perry Visits Bobbi Kristina Brown’s Bedside

Tyler Perry is just one of the many friends and family of Bobbi Kristina Brown who continue to flock to her hospital bedside at Emory University Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia. The 21-year-old daughter of R&B singer Bobby Brown and the late Whitney Houston was found in a bathtub at her home on January 31. She was unresponsive and unconscious at the time. Her mother died in a bathtub three years ago from an accidental drowning under eerily similar circumstances.

Perry, who was spotted entering the hospital on Sunday, is a close family friend and has been staying in touch with Brown’s family, including giving her father a ride on his private jet last week. She remains on life support and is clinging to life.

Just as Tyler Perry was spotted at the hospital, reports have begun to surface that that police are investigating possible foul play in her current circumstances and condition. A criminal investigation is now underway that is reportedly focused on Brown’s boyfriend — whom she has called her husband — Nick Gordon. They are specifically looking at unexplained injuries.

According to a report by CNN, police have discovered that Brown has certain “injuries” that are suspicious. Roswell, Georgia, Police Chief Rusty Grant told People magazine that the police are “going to follow the evidence and see where it leads us.”

Tyler Perry has played a serious role in trying to encourage Bobbi Kristina’s budding career in entertainment and was known to be supportive of Whitney Houston as she worked hard to make a comeback just before her death. At one time, Bobbi Kristina even made a guest appearance on Tyler Perry’s TBS series, For Better or Worse. At the time, Perry praised Brown’s professionalism in her 2012 appearance on the show, which came just a few months after Whitney Houston’s sudden death.

Perry said at the time that she did a good job on the program.

“Yes she was grieving, but grief aside, she managed to finish her obligation and did a great job at the same time,” he said of her performance.

Others in Hollywood and the entertainment industry at large are trying to support Brown as she struggles. At one of the most well-attended and popular pre-Grammy parties of the week, a party given by producer Clive Davis, Magic Johnson asked everyone for a few moments of silence.

It’s not the only show of public support that the young woman has been given. A public candlelight vigil in solidarity is planned for Monday evening in Riverdale, Georgia. There is no word whether Tyler Perry and other stars will be in attendance at the vigil.

[Image via @cbs46 CBS46 Twitter account]