Kevin Costner Hopes God Gives Whitney’s Daughter, Bobbi Kristina, A Second Chance At Life

Kevin Costner says he hopes that God gives Bobbi Kristina a second chance, and that she opens her eyes and breathes on her own again, ABC News is reporting. The actor also goes on to say that he can’t imagine what Krissy’s family must be ‘going through at this time.” The loving sentiments come from the man who worked alongside Bobbi Kristina’s mother, the late Whitney Houston, in The Bodyguard.

“I hope that God opens her eyes and lets her breathe and lets her brain work, and she gets a second chance at this most precious life that we are all given. The facts are the facts right now, that she’s sitting here, fighting for her life, surrounded by the people who love her the most

“We understand the pressure they’re under and I think nobody wants more than her family, and if she could speak for herself, to have a second chance at this most precious life that we are all given. My thoughts are probably similar to everyone, which is, obviously, the similarities, what’s going on, the worry that this might have happened again.”

Kevin Costner makes the remarks about Bobbi Kristina in an upcoming interview with Juju Chang on Nightline. He also expressed similar statements in an interview with Extra’s Mario Lopez several days ago.

Costner once had a close relationship with Whitney Houston during the time they were filming The Bodyguard. Even before Whitney agreed to do the film, Kevin Costner knew that he wanted Whitney for the role, and even passed up the opportunity to cast Madonna in the film, later stating that he wanted a “classy, electrifying performer.”

The chemistry between Costner and Houston in the movie was passionate, though Whitney refused to do any nude scenes. During a 1992 interview with Vanity Fair, she stated the following regarding the possibility of filming nude scenes with Kevin Costner.

“They own me, but they aren’t going to tell me to take my clothes off()I’m not hired to show my a**. I don’t think it’s my greatest asset. I think it’s one of my flavors, but…It’s not a bad a**. My husband likes it. A lot.”

Thinking back on the fun times between Kevin Costner and Bobbi Kristina’s mother, Whitney Houston, makes it even more sad to think that years later, Whitney is gone, and her precious baby is fighting for her life in a Georgia hospital after she was discovered lying face down in a bathtub in her home last week in circumstances that eerily mimicked the death of her mother exactly three years ago.

A couple of years back, in an interview with HLN, Kevin Costner was hopeful that Bobbi Kristina was finding peace in her life and moving forward with the loving support from her family, despite her mother’s untimely death.

“If Bobbi wanted to call me, I think that she could. I didn’t know that my remarks had an effect on her.”

[Lead image via BeyondHollywood.]