AC/DC Left The Audience ‘Thunderstruck’ At The Grammy Awards

Sunday night at the Grammy Awards, AC/DC’s opening performance was in their typical hard rocking style, with electric guitars and heavy drum beats. The audience immediately came to their feet, and could be seen dancing and singing along with the band.

AC/DC opened the night with a track off their album called Rock or Bust, and then moved into their 1979 hit “Highway To H***.” Audience members, including celebrities, could be seen wearing devil horns while dancing to the hard rocking beats of the band. AC/DC opened the show to promote their upcoming 2015 tour Rock Or Bust. It has also been announced that the band will headlining the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival April 10 and April 17, 2015.

According to Wikipedia, AC/DC has been nominated for a Grammy Award several times. However, they have only won one award from seven nominations. AC/DC has been through several transitions of band members over the years due to deaths or members leaving the band. In 1980, successful album Highway To Hell co-writer Bon Scott died after a night of heavy alcohol consumption. The band considered breaking up, but they decided to replace him with ex-Geordie singer Brain Scott. AC/DC saw a heavy drop in their popularity shortly after drummer Phil Rudd left in 1983. With the return in 1994 of the popular drummer, the band saw a rise in popularity again, and their albums were received better by the critics. Rudd was not seen in the photo shoots for Rock or Bust and will be replaced by drummer Bob Richards, who has played with Man, Adrian Smith, Asia, and Shogun.

Rolling Stone reports that 2015 marks the thirty-fifth anniversary of Back In Black, the band’s first with lead singer Brian Johnson. Back and Black was released in 1980 and as of June, 2011, has sold over 50 million copies worldwide.

Sunday evenings Grammy performance was the first time the band had performed together in four years. It was reported by Music Times that the opening performance of AC/DC and their heavy rock sound may have been due to a complaint by Trent Reznor and Josh Homme, and others, that the rock showcase at the end of the show last year was interrupted by hoards of commercials and attendees leaving. Rock had gotten top honors, so it left us with no choice but to listen.

AC/DC definitely left the audience on their feet, and lead singer Brian Johnson had a huge smile during the entire performance. In a previous report by the Inquisitr, it was stated that for AC/DC their appearance at Coachella will be the first appearance at a festival in twenty years.

[Photo courtesy of Heavy]