‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’ Trailer Gets The Lego Treatment In Fun New Video

Christian Grey doesn’t keep any Lego blocks (or an XBox) in his playroom, but a new Fifty Shades of Grey trailer spoof features plenty of the beloved plastic bricks.

According to the Verge, YouTube user Antonio Toscano recently recreated the Fifty Shades trailer using Lego bricks. Luckily, the toy company already makes a tiny whip (likely for an Indiana Jones playset), so this made it easy for Toscano to shoot one of the movie’s sexiest scenes. The Fifty Shades of Grey parody below features Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele’s first meeting, Christian’s helicopter named Charlie Tango (yes, he named his heli), and the infamous Red Room of Pain.

Seeing the sex dungeon recreated in Lego form might make longtime fans of the blocks wonder why Christian Grey doesn’t just scatter the tiny toys all over the floor and on his bed — now that would be a real Red Room of Pain.

There are definitely some Fifty Shades of Grey fans out there who would purchase a Christian Grey’s playroom playset, but there probably aren’t any plans to produce one — Legos are still considered children’s toys, after all. Then again, E. L. James’ erotic novel and the movie based on it have already inspired the transformation of one toy that’s been popular with children for decades. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Fifty Shades fans can cuddle up to a kinky Christian Grey teddy bear that comes with a gray suit, a satin tie, a mask, and a tiny pair of handcuffs. The Vermont Teddy Bear Company is currently selling the $90 toy in hopes that every Fifty Shades of Grey fan will want one for Valentine’s Day.

Christian Grey Bear

More adventurous fans of the movie about S&M can now purchase Fifty Shades of Grey sex toys at Target. The Stir recently shared a photo of “The Official Pleasure Collection” being sold right beside children’s toothbrushes. The Pleasure Collection comes with twin blindfolds and a vibrating ring.

Fifty Shades Of Grey Toys At Target

“@Target think you might want to move the vibrating c**k rings a bit further from the children’s tooth brushes?” Twitter user Jacob B. captioned the photo above. According to the Stir, Target is supposed to stock its Fifty Shades of Grey merchandise on the same aisle as condoms and tubes of lube.

Fifty Shades of Grey hits theaters on February 13, just in time for Valentine’s Day. As the Inquisitr previously reported, the movie is expected to make around $60 million during its first four days in theaters. It probably helps that the film is getting free advertising in the form of parodies like the Lego trailer above and this bizarre trailer starring two cute and cuddly kittens. You can also check out the original below.

[Image credits: Jacob B./Twitter, Vermont Teddy Bear, Antonio Toscano/YouTube]