Iggy Azalea At War With Papa John’s Before The Grammys — Find Out Why

Iggy Azalea was already facing enough heat heading into the Grammys Sunday night due to controversy stirred up over Iggy’s nomination for Best Rap Album (which she lost to Eminem). Most of the criticism once again centered around the argument that Azalea wrongfully appropriates black culture, something that she has defended herself against time and time again.

But it wasn’t Iggy’s Grammy loss that had Azalea angrily tweeting Sunday evening — it was a privacy-breaching Papa John’s delivery boy.

Iggy took to Twitter to call out a driver with Papa John’s for allegedly sharing her phone number with his family members when he delivered pizza to the pop-rap Grammy nominee.

Azalea might have stopped there, but, according to the rapper, Papa John’s refused to allow her to identify the driver so that the company could take proper disciplinary actions against him. Iggy was less than impressed with the pizza chain’s definition of “privacy.”

Many people who saw Iggy’s tweets about the incident didn’t seem quite as shocked by the breach of trust or Papa John’s choice not to allow her to show them who the culprit. Rather, many wondered, “Is Azalea really getting pizza before the Grammys?”

Several other responses to Iggy’s predicament were similarly unsympathetic. Many users took it as an opportunity to take shots as Azalea herself — not to mention the quality of Papa John’s pizza.

Iggy Azalea is out here acting like some pizza delivery boy gave out her number to some fans when we know damn well she has none — Jon (@prasejeebus) February 8, 2015

Papa John’s has since responded to Iggy’s disgust over the incident. The national chain even included a reference to one of Azalea’s tracks in their apology.

What would you do with Iggy Azalea’s number if you were this Papa John’s delivery boy?

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