Meet Pet, The Lamb That Thinks She's A Dog

Tresha Barrett

Meet Pet, the orphaned lamb who was raised in the Scottish Highlands by four collies, and now thinks she's a dog.

The collies adopted Pet when the lamb was taken in after she struggled to survive following her birth in April last year. And from a young age, the adorable sheep would follow the oldest collie around, believing she's her mother.

One of a set of twins, she was born with a problem with her back legs and was taken into the warmth of the croft house to be looked after.

Now, at ten months old, Pet sees herself more like a dog than a sheep. Her favorite things to do include going for walks, wagging her tail, and napping.

Mairi Mackenzie, Pet's owner, said the lamb bonded to the dogs almost instantly, and they now consider her one of them -- "She's a right character!"

In the video, you can see the lovable lamb frolicking after her dog brethren in an unusual style of running.

"She's still a wee bit wobbly but loves to hop, skip and jump around," says Mackenzie.

"I've never seen anything like this before – it's really unusual."

[Image via Deadline News]