San Francisco Body Parts Suspect Mark Andrus Has Died, Authorities Confirm

Mark Andrus, the San Francisco body parts suspect who was arrested and released on suspicion of murder in the grisly case of a dismembered body found in a suitcase, has died.

Authorities confirmed the shocking development happened on Saturday with NBC Bay Area reporting that the Public Defender’s office said Andrus was “rushed to the hospital,” where he later died.

The San Francisco Police Department refused commenting on the death, noting that “Mr. Andrus is a free man” and is “not in police custody,” in an official statement to the news site.

The body parts in the suitcase linked to Mark Andrus have not been identified, though authorities state they belong to a “light-skinned male.” Investigations into identifying the victim are ongoing.

In January, the Inquisitr reported that police booked Andrus into the county jail on suspicion of murder. According to Yahoo! News, Officer Grace Gatpandan said in a released statement that Mark Andrus was one of two men detained.

Police received an anonymous telephone call on a Friday evening that the “person of interest” in the case had been seen.

“We do have people of interest that homicide investigators are speaking to,” Gatpandan said.

The caller stated that the person of interest that was seen in photos released to the public earlier that day could be located on Turk Street.

When authorities arrived at the location, they detained two people. Both of the suspects were taken to the Hall of Justice for questioning.

Local authorities state that they are looking into a possibility that gangs or organized crime organizations are connected to this incident.

The suitcase containing the human remains was discovered in San Francisco’s South of Market neighborhood. While searching the area, police discovered more human remains in a trash can not far from where the suitcase was found. Officers found body parts within a three block radius of where the suitcase was discovered.

“There was one crime scene — it was just very large,” Police Officer Grace Gatpandan said.

Officials are looking closely at a connection to organized crime because of the condition of the man’s torso.

A medical examiner will have to wait for the results of DNA testing to identify the victim. Tests will be conducted at the California Department of Justice, Bureau of Forensic Services.

It is unknown at this time how long testing will take to positively identify the victim.

“As far as a scene like this, every homicide we do deal with is always very tragic to the department. However, this scene is a gruesome scene and out of the ordinary,” Gatpandan said.

The Inquisitr will keep you posted on further developments involving Mark Andrus’ death and the crime itself.