Miss Universe To End 50 Years Of Fighting In Colombia? Beauty Queen Invited To Peace Talks By FARC Rebels

Many beauty queens tout that their ultimate goal is “world peace.” However, few actually get to act on it. That may all change for the newly crowned Miss Universe from Colombia. Miss Universe Paulina Vega has been invited to peace talks by the Marxist FARC rebels. The group says that the pageant winner could help negotiations between the rebel group and the Colombian government.

According to NPR, this past Friday, the Marxist rebel group, FARC, would like Vega to attend peace talks in Havana, Cuba. The group claims that they heard of Vega’s desire to contribute to efforts that would result in peace for Colombian people. As a result, the group says they “welcome” Vega’s “willingness to travel to Havana” so that they can speak with her about the “enormous contribution” she could make towards peace.

“We read with interest about your desire to contribute with your good offices to peace and reconciliation of the Colombian people. We welcome your willingness to travel to Havana and we invite you to materialize your visit to update you about the development of the peace talks, the progress and the enormous contribution that you and the majorities who desire peace can make. Be assured that we are willing to address your concerns and consider your views a valuable contribution to peace; we are waiting for your confirmation and your contribution.”

In referencing Miss Universe’s “desire” to contribute to Colombian peace, the group is likely talking about the pageant winner’s comments made during interviews with media, where Vega says she would be willing to travel to Havana for peace negotiations. If Miss Universe participates in the negotiations to any avail, it would be the end of 50 years of fighting between the rebels and Colombian government.

“The talks are crucial to helping end 50 years of fighting between FARC and the government. Negotiations between the two sides have stalled several times over the years, and the group has been accused of bombings, murder, extortion and kidnappings.”

Vega has yet to respond to the invitation; therefore, it is unknown if the beauty pageant winner will be a part of the peace negotiations or not. If Miss Universe does decide to attend, it is unknown at this time exactly what role she would play in the peace talks.

What do you think about Miss Universe possibly making good on her claims of wanting peace in her troubled country? Are there any specific contributions that Vega could make to the peace talks that other political leaders could not? Let us know in the comments.