Judge Pirro Assails Obama, Says President ‘Comfortable With Extremism’

President Barack Obama’s comments at this year’s National Prayer Breakfast in Washington came under fire on issues of radical Muslims’ attack on Christianity. Fox News host, Judge Jeanine Pirro, assailed the POTUS and accused him of settling into a worrisome sense of comfort with radical extremists.

On a segment of her show, Justice with Judge Jeanine, Pirro spoke out vehemently against what she refers to as Obama’s nonchalant attitude with the current climate of terrorism abroad and in the homeland. She opened up the show with a poignant comment: “Barack Obama is comfortable with extremism…it’s part of what happens.”

Republicans and Conservatives alike scrutinized the president’s speech on a number of ideological levels. However, many political pundits took issue with Obama’s reference to the Crusades and the Inquisition. Judge Pirro led the charge over the weekend.

“With the Crusaders you so easily identify them as Christians, why is it so hard for you to identify today’s jihadi terrorists as Muslim?…That was then and this is now, the Koran is interpreted by some as demanding jihad, the taxing or killing of nonbelievers, and a worldwide caliphate, and, surprise, today’s terrorists are beheading, imposing that same [nonbeliever] tax, and in their march to create an even bigger Islamic state. Stop apologizing and stop pussyfooting around with this language dance. We get it. Not all Muslims are terrorists. It was Egypt, the country of 90% Muslim[s], that rose up against the jihadists, who were also Muslim…Mr. president, please identify what other violence is being committed against Americans in the name of any other religion, or, is it just coincidence?”

Judge Pirro claims President Obama’s messages to Americans and the nation’s allies are mixed on the war on terror. She points out the Obama Administration’s lukewarm response to recent attacks from radical lone wolves who seek to inflict harm on Americans, Christianity, and other non-Muslim religions. Pirro pointed to the president’s alleged selectivity in attending high-profile funerals, his reference to the Fort Hood shooting as “workplace violence,” and his absence in France when a coalition of world leaders met in wake of the Paris shootings.

Pirro ended her diatribe with a warning should he stay on the path towards his views on radical Islam.

“The overwhelming majority of Americans think it’s at least somewhat likely Islamic terrorists will launch an attack on US soil soon. But I believe you are so comfortable with extremism, that you’ve lost an understanding of the danger to Americans. You boast a security policy of strategic patience. What are you waiting for? While you wait, they keep winning, and Iran gets closer to nuclear enrichment, all the while you open your borders, reduce our military, and criticize Americans and America at the UN and in Cairo. If nothing more, you’re consistent, extremism is just the part of life. But the danger, your nonchalant attitude puts our entire nation in jeopardy.”

Is Judge Pirro’s castigation of Obama’s comments warranted? Share your thoughts below.

[Image via: SodaHead]