Belinda Jenner Is Bruce Jenner’s New Transgender Name, Is It Too Much Like Ex-Wife Linda Thompson?

Belinda Jenner is unofficially the new transgender name that Bruce Jenner will be adopting once Keeping Up With The Kardashians hits the TV screens once again. Some reports note the similarity to ex-wife Linda Thompson and wonder if perhaps it’s not the best choice for a new name.

In a related report by the Inquisitr, some say the timing of the transgender announcement is suspicious since it just happens to come right before Keeping Up With Kardashians Season 10. A transgender reporter with CNN even accused Jenner of capitalizing on the transition. But the worst of the worst heat came after the recent car accident, with many on social media making jokes about Belinda Jenner being a bad woman driver.

So far the rumors seem to indicate that Bruce wavering between Bridget Jenner or Belinda Jenner in order to keep the “B” in the new name. The family has yet to make the announcement official, but magazines are running stories claiming Belinda Jenner is Bruce’s final choice for a name change. For example, Metro claims it has been “learned that Bruce [Jenner] wants to be known as Belinda.” There has been a lot of speculation whether or not Bruce would keep his original initials or adopt the Kardashian family tradition of having a first name that begins with the letter “K.” If the latter is true, then perhaps Kbelinda Jenner is an option?

It’s possible Bruce will go with a different choice besides Belinda Jenner, which would be a good idea if you by the general negative reaction of social media.

Bruce Jenner is transitioning to be a woman and is changing his name to Belinda. This gotta be a publicity stunt/joke — Albertornah (@albertornah) February 5, 2015

Cafe Mom highlights the fact that Bruce Jenner’s new name would be too close to a bad bit of history.

“But what’s sort of strange about the name is that Linda is the name of his ex-wife, Linda Thompson (mother of Brody and Brandon). And when you dice the name Belinda, it’s ‘Be’ ‘Linda.’ You’d think a guy wouldn’t want to be reminded of his ex-wife every day.”

Do you think Belinda Jenner is a good choice for Bruce’s new name?