Dog Joins His Owner On Horse In Hit Viral Video

A three-year-old dog from Russia has become an internet celebrity after video of the unique animal riding with his owner on a horse recently went viral.

The brown mongrel, named Graf, has become a local celebrity along with achieving internet stardom, according to the Daily Mail. The dog and its owner, 28-year-old Aidar Vagin, live in the Republic of Bashkortostan in the south of Russia, and according to Vagin, Graf’s unusual balancing act came about completely by accident.

“It’s bizarre, but Graf loves few things more than riding on the back of our horse,” he noted. “We had been out in the fields one day rounding up stray cows that had wandered off from the herd and at the end of it he was very tired. In the past, I would get on the horse and he would trot alongside us as we went home. But on this particular day when I climbed onto the horse he jumped up behind me and rested his paws on my shoulder and barked, as if to say ‘OK, let’s go.'”

Vagin observed that his horse didn’t seem to mind the extra passenger, according to the Mirror, so the trio set off on the ride home, something the dog still prefers. Local Marya Kharitonova, 24, pointed out just how much the community appreciates the unusually talented canine.

“It is so cute to see him,” she said. “He stands on the horse’s back with his front paws on Aidar’s shoulders and seems to be loving it. People wave and take photos and he barks in response.”

Some locals have even offered to buy the dog from Vagin, though the farmer asserts that, for a variety of reasons, his prized canine isn’t for sale.

“I’ve had quite a few offers from other farmers and even shops who want to buy him but he’s not for sale,” Vagin said. “He’s a good dog, a good worker and my best friend. No amount of money is worth that.”

Though Graf’s balancing act is an unusual and unique talent, he isn’t the only dog recently spotted atop a horse. As the Inquisitr previously reported, Big Bang Theory actress Kaley Cuoco, who is outspoken about her love for her dogs, was pictured taking one of them along while riding a horse recently. Unlike Graf, however, Cuoco’s dog seemed content to ride in her owner’s arms, rather than attempt to balance on the horse.

[Image: CEN via the Mirror]