James Dolan Rips Upset Knicks Fan, Tells Him To Root For The Nets

James L. Dolan, the owner of the New York Knicks, is obviously not having the best of years. There was much hope within Dolan’s franchise last year after signing Phil Jackson to serve as President of Basketball Operations. Jackson promptly brought in a former player, Derek Fisher, to serve as the team’s head coach. To cap that all off, Dolan’s Knicks fended off several other suitors and re-signed Carmelo Anthony to a max contract over the summer.

There was indeed reason for Dolan and Knicks fans to have high hopes heading into the 2014-2015 season. Instead, the Knicks currently occupy the basement of the National Basketball Association, owning a 10-41 record. In case you are wondering, that is good for dead last in the NBA.

Fans of the once proud franchise are upset, and James Dolan is starting to receive some nasty letters from these fans. Deadspin was able to gain possession of an email exchange between Dolan and a nameless fan who signed his email “the father of filmmaker Aaron Bierman.”

Bleacher Report‘s Howard Back has confirmed that the email exchange between the fan and James Dolan is legitimate. In the original email, Mr. Bierman informs Dolan that he has been a Knicks fan for over 60 years, and he doesn’t seem to be much of a supporter of Dolan’s dealings.

“As a Knicks fan for in excess of 60 years, I am utterly embarrassed by your dealings with the Knicks.”

In the one positive in the email, Mr. Bierman gives James Dolan credit for hiring Phil Jackson. However, the fan goes on to blast Dolan for the hiring of Isiah Thomas as President of Basketball Operations in the past, as well as Dolan’s more recent failure in trying to land Steve Kerr as the team’s new head coach. Kerr’s Golden State Warriors currently own the best record in the NBA.

“Your working with Isaiah Thomas & everything else regarding the Knicks. Bringing on Phil Jackson was a positive beginning, but lowballing Steve Kerr was a DISGRACE to the knicks. The bottom line is that you merely continued to interfere with the franchise.”

It’s not everyday that an NBA owner actually responds to a disgruntled fan, but Aaron Bierman’s father must have really struck a nerve with James Dolan. Dolan took it upon himself to send the fan an email back, and hell hath no fury like the owner of a last place NBA franchise.

Mr. Bierman

You are a sad person. Why would anybody write such a hateful letter. I am just guessing but I’ll bet your life is a mess and you are a hateful mess. What have you done that anyone would consider positive or nice. I am betting nothing. In fact I’ll bet you are negative force in everyone who comes in contact with you. You most likely have made your family miserable. Alcoholic maybe. I just celebrated my 21 year anniversary of sobriety. You should try it. Maybe it will help you become a person that folks would like to have around. In the meanwhile start rooting for the Nets because the Knicks dont want you.


James Dolan

It remains to be seen what strategy Dolan will come up with to get the Knicks out of their current predicament. As a musician in an unsuccessful blues band, at least the Knicks are giving Dolan ample motivation to continue to hone his craft in that field.

[Image via CrainsNewYork]