Jennifer Lewis: Texas Nursing Student's Shooting Death To Air On TV One's 'Fatal Attraction'

Traciy Reyes

The case of Jennifer Lewis, a Houston, Texas, nursing student who was gunned down as she walked to class in the early 1990s, will be featured in the TV One documentary Fatal Attraction this coming Monday. In March 1993, Jennifer Lewis was shot and killed by a gunman who walked up behind her as she walked to class with her friend, Cheryl Allen. The shooting took place at around 5 p.m. Community members were horrified when shots rang out, leaving the 27-year old nursing student gasping for air.

According to witnesses, a black man approached the victim from behind, aimed the gun at her, fired a shot, and then fled in a red car. Jennifer Lewis was just two months away from graduating from the Houston Community College.

Devastated friends and family members struggled to find answers as to why anyone would kill such a bright student with everything to live for. Family members told police that Lewis did not live a risky lifestyle. Instead, they told police, that Jennifer Lewis was determined to become a nurse, and when she wasn't studying to be a nurse, the devout Christian was in church praising the Lord.

Police also struggled to find a motive, since it seemed that Jennifer Lewis had no enemies. But, Jennifer did have a boyfriend named Melvin Leon Reed. They also found out that Melvin Reed had a crazy ex-girlfriend named Shelia Dillard, who was abusive and often possessive. According to Crime Case Files, Shelia was jealous that Jennifer Lewis was in Reed's life, and Melvin Reed was still having sex with ex-girlfriend Shelia. Here is part of Reed's statement to police.

"Shelia wanted us to get back together after I got with Jennifer but I didn't want too [sic]. I loved Jennifer and wanted to make a life with her.()After Shelia met Jennifer at my place she called me repeatedly wanting us to get back together. But I wasn't interested."

At trial, prosecutors alleged that Shelia Ann Dilllard and Gary Chopp followed Jennifer to the campus, and watched her as she made her way across the parking lot. Then, in a deliberate act of violence, Jennifer was shot and killed. A judge sentenced Shelia Dillard to 50 years in prison for her part in the ambush. The case will be reenacted on Fatal Attraction at 9 p.m. central on Monday.

"Jennifer Lewis never expected that she'd have a relationship as meaningful as the one she had with God, but that changed when she met the charming and devout Melvin Reed. And soon, a fast and deep romance blossomed, held together by their mutual love of God. But Jennifer and Melvin's romance is snuffed out prematurely when Jennifer is shot on campus at close-range. Is it possible a secret from her past has come back to haunt her, or had her search for love put her in contact with something much more sinister …"