Indianapolis Man Charged With Murdering 6-Week-Old Son Without A Body Due To ‘Grand Theft Auto’ Connection

Indianapolis police has charged the father of the 2014 missing 6-week-old infant of murder without finding the body, after his description of the kidnappers resembled two characters from the video game Grand Theft Auto, according to USA Today.

Willie Wilson, 24, reported his 6-week-old son, Delano Wilson, missing moments after he was allegedly robbed at gunpoint on August 27, 2014, at 12:02 p.m. He told 911 dispatch, “I’ve just been robbed and someone took my daughter… I mean my son.”

He later informed the police that an unidentified man and woman approached him in an alley after getting out of a blue vehicle. He then said the male pulled out a gun and pointed it at him and assured him that he wasn’t going to hurt him or the baby. But to his astonishment, the male hit him on the head with the gun, causing Wilson to black out for at least 15–20 seconds, according to CBS News.

When he awoke, Wilson said he saw the man and woman leaving the alley in the blue vehicle, carrying his 6-week-old son’s blanket, which led him to believe they had kidnapped his son.

Willie Wilson and Taniasha Perkins
Willie Wilson and girlfriend, Taniahsa Perkins, grieving over their missing son in August 2014

After reporting his son missing, Wilson cooperated with the police by providing a sketch artist with physical features of his son’s kidnappers. When the sketch was complete, an investigator viewed the sketch and stated the kidnappers looked similar to characters in the video game Grand Theft Auto. When investigators placed the sketch adjacent to photos of the characters in Grand Theft Auto, they were identical.

Wilson was placed under arrest.

In addition to the Grand Theft Auto connection, Indianapolis police say his robbery story didn’t match the evidence they found or what witnesses had reported. In 2014, police obtained a warrant to search Wilson’s home where they found blood on the 6-week-old’s blanket, in the sink, and in the bathtub.

They also found a “missing children” search on his phone, as well as the Grand Theft Auto video game.

Although a body has not been recovered, police believe the child is dead and is charging Wilson with murder due to circumstantial evidence.

“As far as trying a case without a body, that’s been done a number of times in this state,” said lead prosecutor Denise Robinson.

“You have to present circumstantial evidence of death, but as indicated in the probable cause, we have ample proof.”

“I don’t want to say Willie did it, but in the back of my mind, I have a funny feeling, but this is not in his character — all he does is work,” Taniasha Perkins told police, girlfriend of Wilson and the mother of the missing 6-week-old baby boy.

Missing 6-week-old, Delano Wilson
Photo of the missing 6-week-old infant, Delano Wilson.

During an interview with Perkins, investigators informed her that according to her neighbor, Paul Taulbee, an argument erupted between her and Wilson between 2:30 and 3:30 a.m. — the same day her son went missing. Paulbee also told police that he heard Perkins yelling, “This never should have happened” while Wilson shouted, “Put it in the shower.”

Perkins denied the argument ever took place.

Wilson was arrested Wednesday after they found similarities between the kidnappers sketch and characters from the Grand Theft Auto video game — he is now facing murder charges.

He attended his hearing on Thursday, where he entered a not guilty plea. Although Wilson didn’t speak at the hearing, he did, however, inform the police that he did not harm his son.

Wilson’s bond hearing is set for April 2.

Perkins has not been implicated in the Grand Theft Auto linked crime, says spokeswoman from the Marion county prosecutor’s office.

[Image via USA Today]