Reuniting With Heath Ledger Is My Favorite Fantasy, Says Michelle Williams

In the most recent issue of GQ, Golden Globe winning actress Michelle Williams talks about her relationship with Heath Ledger and how his death almost caused her to quit acting.

Williams and Ledger were engaged before the actor’s death in 2008 and had a daughter together. Williams thanked her daughter, Matilda, in her acceptance speech on Sunday night and revealed to the magazine that she almost quit acting in order to protect her.

Williams said that the media hounded her after Heath Ledger’s death. The “My Week With Marilyn” actress told GQ:

“I felt like I was going crazy. It was too much… I just felt trapped. And it’s not just me — there’s somebody else who I’m trying to protect, and I can’t. I can’t make it stop, I can’t make it go away. Trying to find ways to explain it or shield her from it. It’s like you’re trying to go about your life, and make dinner…but the roof is off of your house, and the walls are falling down.”

Here’s the video of Michelle Williams acceptance speech at the Golden Globes.

The Huffington Post reports that Williams was filming a movie called Mammoth when she learned about Heath’s death. She had also agreed to film Shutter Island with Martin Scorsese. Williams kept her promise, but said that she doesn’t remember much of the shoot.

Williams said:

“It was horrible… I don’t remember most of it… I’ve got a lot of holes.


But despite all of the pain that Ledger’s early demise caused her, he is still one of her favorite things to think about. When asked if there was still a part of her that wished she was back together with Ledger, she said:

“That would make me way too sad to answer … but it’s also… one of my favorite things to imagine. It’s actually one of my favorite places to visit.”

Are you happy that Michelle Williams decided to keep acting?