Brian Williams Hilariously 'Misremembers' In Viral Internet Memes

Brian Williams is facing a huge scandal since he admitted and apologized for incorrectly remembering certain serious incidents while reporting in Iraq.

Arguably once one of the most trusted anchors in America, Williams has stepped aside temporarily on NBC Nightly News while NBC investigates different suspicious reports Williams made, including one during Hurricane Katrina, according to Business Insider.

The internet has since exploded with viral memes to expand upon Brian Williams' exaggerated tales or fumbled attempt to explain his bad memory of what really happened while covering certain stories.

Brian Williams
Brian Williams' "misremembering" meme, depicting him at Lyndon B. Johnson's oath of office.

One Facebook account, entitled Brian Williams Was There, is entirely dedicated to spreading viral internet memes of the anchor photoshopped into some pretty entertaining or notable moments throughout history, movies, or other hilarious or otherwise ridiculous incidents.

Brian Williams and Tupac
Meme depicting Brian Williams with Tupac on the night Tupac was murdered.

Facebook isn't the only social networking site getting in on shaming Brian Williams for distorting the truth. Twitter is having a field day with the hashtag #BrianWilliamsMisremembers. Even comedian Chris Rock is getting in on the opportunity to poke fun at Williams.

There are some people, however, who still have faith in Brian Williams and stand by his side. One person compared Brian's tall tales to that of an entire news group.As for the many people who are making a joke out of Brian's serious mistake, whether the mistake was intentional or unintentional, it is undoubtedly taking its toll on his credibility and reputation. Whether Brian Williams can ride out the storms of speculation, investigation, and viral internet memes remains to be seen.

[Images via Virginia Sherwood/NBC NewsWire and Twitter]