ISIS Continues To Take Shellacking In Mosul As Jordan Claims 20 Percent Of ISIS Military Capability ‘Lost’

U.S.-led coalition airstrikes continued to rain down on ISIS positions throughout Syria and Iraq all day Saturday, particularly in Mosul, in the wake of the Islamic terrorist group’s inexplicable burning of a Jordanian pilot to death.

ISIS militants in the key town of Mosul, Iraq, were on the receiving end of at least a dozen airstrikes, reports CNN. Mosul was absorbed into the ISIS Islamic State caliphate over the summer when Iraqi troops dropped their weapons and ran away from the ISIS advance. Backed by airstrikes, mostly-Kurdish fighters have been trying to force ISIS out and a pending all-out fight to retake Iraq’s second-largest city looms.

CNN has a crew camped out with Kurdish forces souththeast of Mosul, on Mount Zartak, from where they reportedly witnessed at “least 12 blasts in the city” with coalition jets making relentless passes through the Mosul skies.

According to Kurdish forces, the airstrikes on ISIS in Mosul have been stepping up dramatically since Tuesday, when ISIS released its psychotic and sickening video which features the Islamic terrorist group’s militants setting caged Jordanian pilot, Lieutenant Moath al-Kasasbeh, on fire.

Kurdish forces have recently been making efforts to surround Mosul and cut ISIS supply lines snaking in from Syria, another sign of a pending assault to clean ISIS out of the city.

Iraqi ground forces may advance to retake the city as soon as April, an assault that may even include U.S ground troops, according to another CNN report.

Jordan, meanwhile, outraged by the horrific and sadistic execution of its young pilot, again threw its air force at ISIS targets on Saturday also. No Jordanian pilots fell into ISIS hands either, as all of the jets reportedly made it back to their bases safely, according to Jordanian TV reports.

Revenge against ISIS has been openly promised by Jordan, and they are currently pushing to play a larger role in the aerial bombing of ISIS militants and targets in Syria.

General Mansour Al-Jbour, head of the Royal Jordanian Air Force, told reporters on Sunday that ISIS had suffered about a 20 percent loss of its military capabilities since the U.S.-led air strikes began pounding the Islamic terrorist group in September, reports Al Arabiya.

Twenty percent is also the approximate number of strikes Jordan has been a part of in the U.S.-led coalition against ISIS in Syria, said Jbour, noting that extreme measures have been taken to avoid hitting civilians.

According to Jbour, coalition air strikes have killed about 7,000 ISIS militants in all, and that in just over the past three days, Jordanian jet fighters had carried out 56 raids, focusing heavy fire on an ISIS stronghold in northeast Syria.

“We achieved what we aimed at. We destroyed logistics centers, arms depos and targeted hideouts of their fighters,” said Jbour. “We are determined to wipe them (ISIS) from the face of the Earth.”

[Image via CNBC]