Apple Goes After Samsung Yet Again, Wants 10 Smartphones Banned In Germany

Patent disputes are bigger than ever and no company is more outspoken about it than Apple, the World’s largest tech company. Known for their great products as well as great design, the company has been targeting other manufacturers of similar devices for a while now.

Samsung seems to be their biggest target. They even tried blocking Samsung Galaxy sales in the US. Anyways, it seems they’re back at it again, this time filing for patent infringement and wanting a sales ban on 10 different smartphones in Germany.

Via Los Angeles Times:

“Filed in Dusseldorf Regional Court, Apple’s suit — which calls for a ban on the Galaxy S II, Galaxy S Plus and eight other models — isn’t the only front in the ongoing international patent battle between the two firms, reports said Tuesday. Apple also filed a suit against five Samsung tablets “related to a September ruling” that imposes a sales ban on the Galaxy Tab 10.1, according to a Bloomberg report.”

Not a whole lot of details have been released yet as to why, but it’s likely to have something to do with Apple claiming that Samsung is stealing their designs, designs that they have patented.

They recently went after the Galaxy Tab 10.1 because it supposedly “copied the design of the iPad in a way intended to confuse customers”. The tablet is not able to be sold in Germany thanks to that lawsuit.

Going forward, patent infringement lawsuits aren’t going to slow down anytime soon. Apple is intent on going after each and every manufacturer who may be infringing on any of their patents. And with record breaking profits, they’ve got plenty of money to throw at lawyers.

Is Apple justified or is their massive success getting to their head?