Kim Kardashian Debuts New Hairdo

Kim Kardashian is getting glammed up for the Grammys. The Keeping Up with the Kardashian star took to Instagram to show off her new do. What do you think guys? Do we like Kim’s new bob?

According to Us Weekly, Kim Kardashian surprised many when she decided to chop off her long locks on Friday, February 6. The Kardashian sister is not only known for her fashion sense, but also for her trademark long locks, so it’s quite the switch up to see her go as short as she has.

“I cut my hair short today,” the 34-year-old captioned a picture of her new hair cut which she posted to Instagram for all to see.

The response to Kim’s new look has been varied, but many agree with the likes of the celebrity and entertainment site Entertainment Wise, who stated that the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star’s look is more “mature.”

What do fans think? Just check out some of their Twitter responses below!

Turns out @KimKardashian is an even bigger babe with short hair. Must… resist… copying.

— Philippa (@Philippa_Y) February 8, 2015

@sugarscape LOVE it! She looks fabulous!

— © (@irishnouisx) February 8, 2015

By the looks of it, some love Kim’s new shorter hair cut, and others aren’t all that thrilled. Could this new “mature” look be Kim’s way of proving that she is growing up and moving forward now that she is both married and a mother? There is no way to tell, but it seems like many are most interested in one thing, how long will Kim Kardashian’s new do last?

Are you a fan of Kim Kardashian’s new shorter haircut?

[Image via Kim Kardashian’s Instagram Feed]