Dying Vet Gives All Away: Bob Karlstrand Gives All Belongings Away After Learning Of Terminal Illness

A dying vet gave all his belongings away after a long battle with colon cancer and a subsequent terminal illness, according to People Magazine. Bob Karlstrand, a Vietnam veteran, was diagnosed with a terminal lung disease, and doesn’t have a spouse or any children to leave his belongings to.

Karlstrand has been giving his things away little by little, and he has decided to leave his house to Habitat For Humanity. The only condition he has is that he wants his house to go to a veteran. The charity is listed in Bob’s will, and they will rehab the Maple Grove home completely before giving it away to someone (a veteran) who deserves it.

“I’ve had a good life, so I can’t complain at all. Maybe some pictures I’ll keep but in the end it’s only material things,” Bob said.

According to the Mirror, Bob allowed people to come in his home and pretty much take whatever they wanted. For a man who served his country and went to war to fight for freedom, he’s still being selfless even though he doesn’t have much time left on this earth.

The dying vet who decided to give all his things away has also been very generous with his money. Karlstrand, 65, decided to give his retirement fund to the University of Minnesota’s nursing program. He says that he’s been taken care of by a lot of nurses over the years and that this is his way to give back — and to say “thank you” for their good deeds.

“Over the years, I’ve been very fortunate to know a lot of nurses. Well, maybe not so fortunate to know a lot nurses,” he said.

His $1 million endowment provided six students with scholarships and will continue to help more students in the future.

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“Soldiers often have to leave their pregnant wives to answer the call of duty. Undoubtedly, this is by far the toughest choice that a soldier has to make. But soldiers make it in a blink of an eye, owing to the pledge they have taken to serve the country and protect it from any threat, be it foreign or domestic.”

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