PATH Train Birth: Rabita Sarkar Births Child on Train to NYC

A PATH train became a maternity ward Monday morning when a New Jersey woman gave birth to a baby boy during her travels.

In a remarkable story, a young mother, 31-year-old Rabita Sarkar, was traveling on the PATH train from New Jersey to New York City with her husband for a doctor’s visit when she started experiencing contraction-like pains.

Expecting their first child soon but knowing the due date was further along, the new mother didn’t think it was serious. As it turns out, she was extremely mistaken.

“It’s just that this guy had other plans, and he came out earlier. He decided to come and that was it. Nothing could stop him. Nothing could keep him inside for longer,” Sarker told the NY Daily News.

Fox News reports that couple boarded the train shortly after 9:30am at the Journal Square station in Jersey City, N.J., and Sarkar went into labor before the train made its second stop.

With guidance from a another female passenger on the train, Rabita’s husband, identified in published reports as 30-year-old Aditya Saurabh, was able to deliver the baby around 10am.

Fox added that once news of the forthcoming child reached the conductor, PATH officials turned the train into an express, bypassing most stops so that it would get to its final stop, 33rd Street in Midtown Manhattan, as quickly as possible. Paramedics met new family of three at their Manhattan stop and escorted them to the nearby St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital. All are reportedly doing fine.

Although the new parents have yet to name their newborn son, the Daily reports that for the time being, they are calling him “Jhatpat” — the Hindi word for “Fast.”

For more on PATH train birth story, check out the following video clip from ABC News: