‘Big Hero 6’ And ‘Apes’ Join Forces To Dominate Visual Effects Awards

Big Hero 6 and Dawn of the Planet of the Apes were the big winners at last week’s Visual Effects Society Awards. The movie with a marshmallow-shaped superhero brought home five trophies for directors Don Hall and Chris Williams, and the sequel to the post-apocalyptic thriller claimed three.

Just had a nice chat with the directors of Big Hero 6 and The Lego Movie, who are in a little animate-y huddle at the drinks reception.

— Robbie Collin (@robbiereviews) February 8, 2015

As Hitflix points out, it’s always interesting to look at what happens to the VES awards prior to the Oscars.

“It will be up to the full membership of the Academy to decide, but Wednesday night, the visual effects artists themselves had their say at the 13th annual Visual Effects Society Awards.”

Some awards fans claim the VES awards may have more to do with technical merit and production while the Oscars themselves are more general categories.

I Am Rogue says, “The VES Awards are among the cooler accolades that precede the Oscar awards-orgy every year, especially since the effort and artistry of the visual effects community are so often rewarded with punishing schedules and a lack of recognition elsewhere.”

Big Hero 6 has the impressive distinction of having swept its category, according to Hitflix. The awards brought home by the animated film were Animation in an Animated Feature (VES’s equivalent of best animated feature); Models in any Motion Media Project; Created Environment in an Animated Feature Motion Picture; Effects Simulations in an Animated Feature Motion Picture; Performance of an Animated Character in an Animated Feature Motion Picture.

Also making an impressive showing was Brian Singer’s X-Men: Days of Future Past. Fans of the movie will certainly remember the scene in the Pentagon’s kitchen, where Pete (clearly Quicksilver) slows down time to beat up all of the Pentagon goons so that Charles, Eric, and Logan can make good their escape. The scene won Virtual Cinematography and Effects Simulations.

Meanwhile, the Hollywood Reporter last week showed that Big Hero 6 continues its strong showing at the Japanese box office. The setting of Big Hero 6 is San Fransokyo, an amalgam of San Francisco’s geography and Tokyo’s aesthetic. The movie also released as a digital download in the U.S. this past Tuesday; the DVD will be available at the end of February.