Nina Nesbitt Reveals She’s Writing New Album

Nina Nesbitt, the Scottish singer-songwriter and guitarist, revealed she’s working on new music for 2015 and is hoping to focus on the follow-up to her 2014 debut album, Peroxide. That album yielded the hit song “Stay Out,” which peaked at number 21 on the UK Singles Charts.

The singer recently supported The Vamps and has played several of her own tours, including shows in New York City and Los Angeles at legendary venues, such as Webster Hall and the Bootleg Theater. Communicating to her over 160,000 Twitter followers, Nesbitt explained she may not be as active on her social media in order to focus on her new music projects.


Explaining she would be taking “the next few months” to develop her second album, Nesbitt also stated her intention to focus on quality music.

“I didn’t want to just rush out another album for the sake of it. I want it to really mean and say something so I hope that’ll show.”

Nina Nesbitt released her debut album, Peroxide, in February 2014, after two years of releasing successful EPs to generate a fan base and over 20 million video views. Nesbitt featured Kodaline, another new breakthrough artist, on her song, “Hold On,” and found iTunes success with “The Hardest Part,” making it into the iTunes Top 40.

As an artist, Nina Nesbitt is laser-focused on her music being authentic to her life without the mainstream influence of pop publicity.

“I look at the big pop stars and you can tell that their image hasn’t come from them. I go back to someone like Debbie Harry for inspiration. Her music was good, she looked cool and she was attractive to men, but she didn’t need to take her clothes off to prove it. And I would rather have a successful album with music I love than a No.1 with something that isn’t true to me. Pop is a shallow place. The most important thing is to do it on your own terms.”

Nesbitt holds true to her effective simplicity by sharing tidbits about her life with her fans, from the latest makeup faux pas to the excitement of learning how to drive.


For Ed Sheeran fans, Nina Nesbitt is a familiar name and face, since he discovered her at age 16 and took her on a leg of his European tour. This led to Nina Nesbitt’s first EP releases, signing to Island Records and being named “Singer/Songwriter New Artist of the Year” by iTunes in 2012.

While celebrity gossip news outlets have highlighted Nina Nesbitt’s role as Ed Sheeran’s ex-girlfriend, the accomplished musician, guitarist, songwriter, lyricist, and singer has no hard feelings. The two artists even played at the same festival in Scotland last summer. Reacting to the fact that Ed Sheeran has written and released songs about Nina, including a song titled as her name, Nesbitt approaches the topic without any drama.

Nesbitt referred to Sheeran’s autobiographical songwriting in X in the Scotland’s Daily Record in a most logical way.

“He warned me it was happening but I didn’t know it was going on the album. I knew there was a song. I’m not really bothered. It was quite a long time ago and it’s a good song. I have written quite a few songs about Ed that are on the ‘Peroxide’ album and people can probably guess which ones. I’m not going to go into detail about it but we are both songwriters, so naturally we were going to write songs about each other. It was a long time ago now and we’ve both moved on.”

There is no question Nina Nesbitt sees the artistic point and shares in Sheeran’s excitement as X is nominated for a Grammy for Album of The Year.

Recently, Nina’s acoustic Christmas show in London was recorded by Abbey Road Live Here Now. Other musical collaborations reflect a growing respect from the music industry and fellow artists. Two weeks ago, Nesbitt was part of the line-up at the Big Burns Supper in Dumfries.


Scaling back on promos and tours to focus on new music is Nesbitt’s latest move in her career. Fans are looking forward to new music from Nina Nesbitt in 2015.

[Photo courtesy of Nina Nesbitt]