President Obama Demands to See Betty White’s Birth Certificate [Video]

Betty White, just celebrated her 90th birthday. But with a new hidden camera prank show and soaring popularity its hard to believe that the Golden Girl is actually 90-years-old. President Obama, for one, isn’t falling for it.

During Betty White’s birthday bash the President sent out a special birthday message, demanding to see Betty White’s birth certificate.

The president writes:

“You look so fantastic and full of energy. I can’t believe you’re 90 years old. In fact, I don’t believe it. That’s why I’m writing to ask if you will be willing to produce a copy of your long form birth certificate. Thanks, and Happy Birthday, no matter how old you are.”

Here’s the video of President Obama’s birthday message to Betty White.

“A Tribute to America’s Golden Girl,” which aired on NBC, featured stars like Ellen DeGeneres, Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Hugh Jackman and Carol Burnett. Mary Tyler Moore, who co-starred with White on “The Mary Tyler Moore Show” was also on hand to help Betty celebrate her 90th birthday.

Betty White started her television career in the 1940s. She’s best known for “The Golden Girls,” but also starred in shows like “The Carol Burnett Show,” and “Mary Tyler Moore.” White has been nominated for 18 Emmy Awards and has won 5. Her most recent win came in 2010 for a guest appearance on Saturday Night Live.