Newsweek Cover: Why Are Obama’s Critics So Dumb?

Newsweek, no stranger to controversy, is releasing a cover this week featuring a story titled Why Are Obama’s Critics so Dumb?. As can be expected this has drawn the anger of conservatives, republicans, leftists, liberals and everyone in between. Author Andrew Sullivan, himself a huge Obama supporter, said basically that is exacxtly what he expected when he wrote the article.

Sullivan claims that he is not a loony liberal out to make Obama look good. He claims to have supported Reagan in the 80’s for the same reason he supports Obama now. The reason is because he is a transformative president, a trait he said America badly needs right now.

Stepping out of the realm of personal opinion right now, it is important for one to look at what Obama accomplished as opposed to what he promised.

  • He promised to tackle Healthcare. He passed ObamaCare
  • He promised to appoint liberal justices to the Supreme Court, make it two of them
  • He promised to engage the Islamic world, check
  • He promised to go after the oil companies…done
  • He promised to bring the troops home fro Iraq…mission accomplished

This is just a slight list of the man and his accomplishments, and the point that Newsweek and Sullivan are trying to make is that no one is going to get everything they want in a president. Liberals criticize Obama because the Healthcare bill did not have a public option, Conservatives criticize the individual mandate. It is all a lot of bull. Everyone is their own special interest group and everyone has an agenda, and thinking that the way to make the US great again is to do nothing and let the country die are just ridiculous.

I am no liberal and have no intention of voting for Obama in 2012, Sullivan has every intention of voting for him to change the country as he sees fit. The question is which direction will the country go in?

Do you agree with Newsweek running this cover?