Curious Kitten Climbs Into Box Full Of Ducklings, Cuteness Overload Ensues [Video]

A young and inexperienced kitten, driven by natural curiosity to explore her world, climbed into a box to an encounter with a mob of fuzzy ducklings that she found overwhelming.

Watch as baby ducks, innocently ignorant of the potential risks they face getting too intimate with a cat, mob a kitten in a confused babble of fluffy cuteness.

The poor kitten was at risk of being smothered by the extreme attention she was receiving from the ducklings when a human hand appeared like the “Hand of God” from above as if to extricate the kitten from a sticky situation.

But the hand was withdrawn, leaving the poor confused kitten at the mercy of the overabundance of fuzzy duckling love.

While an older, more experienced kitten, or a full-grown cat, would have promptly converted the opportunity of the ducklings’ misguided fawning to lethal ends, the young kitten found herself overwhelmed and helpless in the face of the relentlessly advancing waves of fuzzball assault.

As a YouTube user observed, the kitten appears to cry in alarm, “Aaaagh! Get ’em off me! I never shoulda gone in here! Back, back I say!”

The ducklings appear to say in chorus, “Love, love, love to love you kitty.”

But other viewers have different takes about the situation.

A viewer on the Huffington Post thinks the kitten was saying, “Please, please, I can only eat you one at a time.”

Another thinks the kitten was trying to do a head count to see how many meals its human has provided.

One viewer thinks the ducklings were actually engaged in a coordinated attack, with the pack leader, saying, “Come, my brothers! The large furry monster cannot defeat us all!”

A viewer describes the scene as a “fluffier version of rush hour at the subway.”

Yet another viewer wondered how the poor kitten felt having her food ganging up against her.

But many viewers were upset by the vertical format of the video.

A YouTube viewer said, “People should be punished for vertical videos even if it is too cute to hate.”

A viewer on the Huffington Post cried, “Vertical videos should be illegal.”

Another viewer lashed out angrily,”Turn your F*****G phone sideways when taking video… It’s not rocket science!”

However, there is a simple explanation of the cutely fuzzy assault unleashed on the kitten. Very young ducklings are unable to regulate their body temperature because they have not grown feathers they need to keep warm. As such, their survival depends on an external application of heat. Thus, the appearance of a cuddly, fuzzy kitten in their crate signals an opportunity to rush and nuzzle for warmth.

But as they grow older, they would learn to distinguish between safe and potentially dangerous sources of warmth and succor.

The video, posted online on January 26 by YouTube user Ignoramusky, has received over 3.5 million views.